What we do

Having worked together on over 20 international co-productions, Isabell Wiegand and Sarah Nagel founded IN BETWEEN FILM in 2010, having come to the following conclusion:

For an increasing number of European film producers, co-producing with other countries is the only way to gather the financing needed to realise their films. As a result, producers spend more and more time with funding applications, counting points for various cultural tests, shifting production spends from one country to the other, gathering documentation in order to access production credits, communicating with co-producers and financial partners for all big and small questions that need to be solved when you produce a film together.

These financing structures and their legal frameworks are becoming more and more complicated and time consuming resulting in less and less time for producers to focus on the creative development of their film.


IN BETWEEN FILM offers solutions from simply giving advice on how to build your international financing strategy or structure your co-production right up to taking complete care of the project.

Our competences cover

–      Advice for international financing strategies

–      Supervision of financing applications, redaction and translation (including Creative Europe and Eurimages)

–      Certificates of origin

–      Access to bank loans

–      Intermediary between all partners during the whole production period

–      Negotiation of spends

–      Cost control, local spends, cash flow

–      Establishment of recoupment plans

–      Supervision of accountancy and establishment of final accounts

–      Administrative wrap up